Meet Our Team


Orlando Auciello, PhD

Orlando Auciello’s ambitious and accomplished career began even before 1976 when he achieved his Ph.D. from the University of Cuyo in his native country of Argentina. Through innumerable research publications, books, citations, patents, awards and speaking engagements across a global stage, Auciello has since established and proven himself as an authoritative expert within interdisciplinary fields of applied science and technology. 
Currently serving as Distinguished Endowed Chair Professor at the University of Texas, Dallas, Auciello directs innovative research on multicomponent and multifunctional nanomaterials for biomedical applications. Among the most notable areas of his expertise is the patented development of a novel ultrananocrystalline diamond (UNCD) film. The high tribological and industrial performances of UNCD led to its commercialization through the formation of profitable companies founded by Auciello and colleagues.


Elida de Obaldia, PhD

Elida facilitates partnerships by developing business plans including goals, timelines and performance measurements. She is also an accomplished fundraiser. Elida is currently working to develop new processes in the field of material science, specifically on the development and applications of ultra-nano-crystalline diamond for mechanical, electrical and biotechnology applications. She also ensures growth and characterization, as well as the building of new device prototypes.       




Jesus Alcantar-Peña, PhD
Research Scientist

Jesus has been leading and developing technology base on diamond thin films. He has been directly responsible for the development of many vapor phase thin-film (HFCVD and MPCVD) applications in the areas of electronic and bio-medical. He is pursuing his scientific and engineering pathway in the field of Electrical Engineering and Materials Science, focused on development and fabrication of electronic devices, particularly on diamond-based devices. Jesus has been involved in understanding the fundamental materials science issues related to the electrical properties of polycrystalline diamond thin films, by developing process to tune the electrical properties of the polycrystalline diamond films to subsequently optimize the materials integration, device design and fabrications strategies to improve the diamond-based devices performance.




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